Choose your pastas

Penne, Spaghetti, Linguine, Gnocchi, Ravioli- beef or spinach and ricotta filling, Tortellini- beef ($5 extra for tortellini and ravioli per tray)

Choose your sauces

Traditional beef Bolognese- serves 16-20 people $120
Aglio- Extra virgin olive oil, cherry tomatoes garlic and parsley serves 16-20 people $100
Salsicce- Pork sausages with olives and Napolitano sauce serves 16-20 people $125
Boscaiola- Bacon, mushroom, garlic, shallots with a creamy white wine cream sauce serves 16-20 people $120
Meat balls- Authentic meat balls with a Napolitano sauce serves 16-20 people $120
Rosato- Prawns, bacon, garlic, brandy, Napolitano sauce with a dash of cream serves 16-20 people $125
Pollo pesto- Chicken, pine nuts, creamy pesto and sundried tomatoes serves 16-20 people $120
Lasagne- Traditional homemade beef lasagne serves 16-20 approximately 5.5kg $115
Lasagne- (V) traditional homemade eggplant lasagne serves 16-20 approximately 5.5kg $115
Napolitano sauce- (V) Traditional Italian tomato sauce serves approximately 16-20 people $110


Caesar salad- Cos lettuce, bacon, parmesan cheese, croutons with a traditional Caesar dressing (Chicken optional) $24 per kg
Rucola- Rocket lettuce, parmesan cheese with olive oil. $24 per kg
Garden salad- Ice burg lettuce, tomato, cherry tomatoes, carrot, shallot, cucumber and celery. Side of French dressing $24 per kg
Fennel salad- fennel, pairs, toasted walnuts, shaved. parmesan topped with lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil. $24 per kg
Greek salad- Ice burg lettuce, olives, fetta cheese, kalamata olives, tomatoes, cucumber, red onion. Side of Greek dressing $24 per kg
Pasta salad- Pasta shells, capsicum, shallot, celery, corn kernels and mayonnaise $18.90 per kg
Rice Salad- Rice, capsicum, shallots, sultanas, celery and mayonnaise $18.90 per kg
Potato salad-Potato cubes, shallot red capsicum and mayonnaise $18.90 per kg
Coleslaw- Red cabbage, green cabbage, capsicum, shallot, celery and mayonnaise $18.90 per kg


Veal scallipini- Sautéed mushroom in a rich red wine sauce $48 per kg
Beef- Slow cooked sliced beef with traditional Australian gravy $48 per kg
Chicken cotoletta- Chicken schnitzel crumbed with bread crumbs and parmesan cheese $42 per kg
Chicken Boscaiola- Chicken breast, bacon, mushroom, white wine with a creamy sauce $42 per kg
Roasted chicken- pieces of chicken with crispy salty skin $3.10 each
Pork- Slow cooked sliced pork with a traditional Australian gravy served with crackling $48 per kg
Lamb- slow cooked lamb with traditional Australian gravy $49 per kg

Kids Menu:

(serves 20 children includes hot chips) $16.50 per head
• 25 wings
• 25 mini party pies
• 25 chicken nuggets
• 25 mini spring rolls
• 25 fish cocktail pieces
• 25 cocktail franks
• 20 mini quiches
• 25 mini pizzas

Please note: children menu items can be substituted, reduced or
customized to your needs


Jacket potatoes- Served with sour cream $1.10 each
Roasted potatoes- Served with salt rosemary and olive oil $18.80 per kg
Sweet potatoes-Served with olive oil and salt $18.80 per kg
Mini arrancini- (V) rice croquets filled with parmesan and mozzarella cheese $1.50 each
Mini arrancini- rice croquets filled with beef Bolognese $1.50 each
S&P Squid- Coated in traditional Italian seasoning $42per kg
Fried rice- Combination special fried rice $22 per kilo


Large rolls with butter portions $1.10 each
Dinner rolls with butter portions 90c each


Deluxe mud cake serves 16 people $45
Large pavlova serves 20 people $50
Medium pavlova serves 12 people $40
Fruit salad $18 per kilo


Packs of 50 disposable plates $10
Packs of 50 disposable sweet plates $10
Packs of 50 forks, spoons and knifes $7
Plastic wine glasses $3
Disposable coffee cups $3
Plastic tumblers $3
Disposable table cloth 60m $50

For Hire

Steal forks, spoons, knifes 50c each White table cloth $10
Glass tumblers 50c each
Wine glasses 50c each
Bain Marie $10

Refundable Surety

The customer must return utensils to us. A $50 surety is charged on all orders. This is a refundable to the customer upon return to us, of all utensils supplied in a good and clean condition.
Delivery charge may apply if exceeding 30km radius outside our premises.
15% surcharged will apply for any public holidays and Sundays.

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Please note prices are not including GST
Final booking must be made14 days prior to the event date. Final numbers must be finalised 7 days before the Event.
Prices subject to change without notice.